Is fasting a diet solution?

(HealthDay)—Research shows that fasting on alternate days has health benefits, including lowering the amount of inflammation in the body.


Evening preference linked to higher BMI in type 2 diabetes

(HealthDay)—Evening preference and a later breakfast are associated with elevated body mass index (BMI) in adults with type 2 diabetes, according to a study published online April 13 in Diabetic Medicine.


Hong Kong health warning over festive 'mooncakes'

It is a time of year when sugar and fat-laden "mooncakes" fill shelves and shop windows in Hong Kong—but city authorities have sent a warning to residents not to over indulge.

Overweight & Obesity

No link between eating dinner after 8pm and obesity in children

Researchers at King's College London have found no significant link between eating the evening meal after 8pm and excess weight in children, according to a paper published this month in the British Journal of Nutrition.


Public appetite for healthier vending machines

Health conscious Australians are hungry for more nutritious options in fast food vending machines according to new research by the University of Sydney and University of Wollongong.

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