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Watching a lot of TV increases susceptibility to everyday myths

People who watch a lot of television are more likely to be susceptible to everyday myths – irrespective of their age, education or gender. This is the basic finding of a media study conducted at MedUni Vienna's Center for ...


Pfizer says it's blocking use of drugs for lethal injections

Pharmaceutical company Pfizer said Friday it was blocking use of its drugs in lethal injections, which means all federally-approved drugmakers whose medications could be used for executions have now put them off limits.


Large majority of Americans still backs death penalty

(HealthDay)—Despite recent headline-grabbing legal challenges and reports of "botched" executions, most Americans still support the death penalty, according to a new HealthDay/Harris Poll.


Pharmacists urged not to assist US executions (Update)

Several human rights and anti-death penalty groups have asked the American Pharmacists Association to prohibit members from participating in executions, a request that comes as states increasingly turn to pharmacists for ...

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