Physical fitness as a demographic watershed

Sedentary behavior, a large waist circumference, and advanced age: These factors are clearly associated with inferior physical fitness among people aged 50 to 64. In a study with over 5,000 participants, investigating the ...

Medical research

Study shows limited diversity in psychophysiology trials

A new study from Oregon State University has found that psychophysiology studies show a significant lack of diversity among their participants, making their results less applicable across different communities and cultures.


Time of day might not matter for COVID-19 vaccination

Many physiological and behavioral functions, including those of the immune system, exhibit circadian rhythms. Several studies have investigated if the immune response to COVID-19 vaccines varies depending on the time of day ...

Psychology & Psychiatry

Online yoga reduces stress, improves well-being

In this age of remote work, virtual meetings, and telemedicine visits, add yoga to the list of things you can do effectively without leaving home.

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