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Philippines says deaths in vaccine row 'consistent with' dengue

The Philippines said Thursday that some of the 14 children who died after receiving a controversial vaccine showed signs of "severe dengue", as investigators probe the drug whose use was suspended due to health concerns.

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Philippines probing 14 deaths amid dengue vaccine furore

The Philippines is investigating if the deaths of 14 children had any link to a dengue vaccine whose use the government has suspended due to health concerns, officials said Friday.


Philippines wants money back from Sanofi for dengue vaccine

The Philippine government will demand a refund of 3.5 billion pesos ($69.5 million) from vaccine maker Sanofi Pasteur and look at possible legal action after a study showed the vaccine used in a dengue immunization program ...

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Philippines halts sale of Sanofi's dengue vaccine (Update)

The Philippines has suspended the sale and distribution of Sanofi's dengue vaccine, authorities said Tuesday, after the French pharmaceutical giant last week warned it could worsen symptoms for people who had not previously ...

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New dengue vaccine could worsen disease in some people

Drugmaker Sanofi says that its dengue vaccine, the world's first, should only be given to people who have previously been sickened by the virus, according to new long-term data.

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Prior dengue infection does not increase Zika disease severity

Individuals infected with Zika virus after having dengue fever do not appear to become more severely ill than people with Zika who have never had dengue. This is the conclusion of a study published on June 20 in the journal ...

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One step closer to a DNA vaccine against dengue virus

In a new study, researchers inoculated mice with a new DNA vaccine candidate (pVAX1-D1ME) in order to evaluate its efficiency. They found that the vaccine candidate was able to induce persistent humoral and cellular immune ...

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Research teams hone in on Zika vaccines, but challenges remain

As public health officials warn that spring's warmer temperatures may herald another increase of Zika virus infections in the Caribbean and North and South America, researchers around the world are racing to develop safe ...

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