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Pioneering research on the underlying causes of dyslexia

A unique research project on developmental dyslexia has been launched at the Nencki Institute of Experimental Biology in Warsaw. It is aimed at examining different factors responsible for development of the reading disorder. ...

Psychology & Psychiatry

Naming tests: A study on dyslexic versus average children

In an article by Zoccolotti, De Luca, Lami et al, published in Child Neuropsychology, Rapid Automized Naming (RAN) tests were conducted on 43 average children and 25 with developmental dyslexia. The task involved naming ...

Psychology & Psychiatry

Brain MRIs may provide an early diagnostic marker for dyslexia

Children at risk for dyslexia show differences in brain activity on MRI scans even before they begin learning to read, finds a study at Children's Hospital Boston. Since developmental dyslexia responds to early intervention, ...

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