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One in 10 Florida teens report engaging in 'digital self-harm'

Approximately 10% of Florida middle and high school students report having engaged in "digital self-harm"—they have cyberbullied themselves. It is an emerging form of self-harm that may be increasing among adolescents, ...

Psychology & Psychiatry

Do stress and strain lead to deviant behavior?

Chances are good that youngsters growing up around family members who gamble will also start doing so to release the strains of daily living. This is not necessarily true for adolescents whose family members find their escape ...

Psychology & Psychiatry

Researcher finds men strip for self-esteem boost

A new study from the University of Colorado Denver finds that male exotic dancers, or strippers, remain committed to stripping because it enhances their self-concept.


Research shows genes influence criminal behavior

Your genes could be a strong predictor of whether you stray into a life of crime, according to a research paper co-written by UT Dallas criminologist Dr. J.C. Barnes.