Medical research

New microsensor enables kidney dialysis customization

Researchers from TU Eindhoven have developed a microsensor that makes it possible to directly monitor and adjust the composition of kidney dialysis fluid. This is a crucial step towards patient specific dialysis, which will ...


'World first' for extreme premature baby dialysis in Poland

An extremely premature Polish infant weighing just 820 grammes (1.8 pounds) has become the world's smallest and youngest patient to escape death thanks to an artificial kidney, according to the doctor who oversaw the treatment.

Medical research

Wearable artificial kidney safety testing receives go-ahead

Medical researchers have received approval to begin safety and performance testing of the Wearable Artificial Kidney. The federal Food and Drug Administration and the University of Washington Institutional Review Board accepted ...

Diseases, Conditions, Syndromes

Smart nanofibers to treat kidney failure

A new technique for purifying blood using a nanofiber mesh could prove useful as a cheap, wearable alternative to kidney dialysis. The newly-fabricated nanofiber mesh for the removal of toxins from the blood, made by WPI-MANA ...


Cultural attitudes impede organ donations in China

(AP)—China is phasing out its reliance on executed prisoners for donated organs, but an architect of the country's transplant system said Friday that ingrained cultural attitudes are impeding the rise of donations among ...

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