Sunshine may shield children, young adults from MS

Living in sunny locations and spending time outdoors may raise the risk for skin cancer, but a new study led by UC San Francisco and the Australian National University shows that in children and young adults, sun exposure ...


EU agencies back 'mix & match' COVID boosters

European Union health authorities on Tuesday backed using a mix of COVID-19 vaccines, saying it could in some cases produce a better response than a single jab.


Study reveals journey of immune cells in developing zebrafish

Microglia, the immune cells of the brain, form the first line of defense against neurodegenerative diseases and traumatic brain injuries. They maintain brain homeostasis, the stable condition necessary for survival, by acting ...

Alzheimer's disease & dementia

Three-dimensional X-ray image spotlights neurodegenerative disease

What changes occur in parts of the brain affected by neurodegenerative disease? How does the structure of the neurons change? Some pathological changes in the tissue are easy to identify using standard microscopy. For example, ...

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