Three tips from a dietitian on managing holiday indulgences

Whether it's work parties, social gatherings or family get-togethers, December joins people for holidays and social events centered around plenty of food and drinks. But overindulging during the holiday season can bring unwelcome ...


WHO says time to hike alcohol, sugary drinks tax

Countries need to increase their taxes on alcohol and sugar-sweetened beverages, the World Health Organization said Tuesday, saying too few states were using tax to incentivize healthier behaviors.


Study identifies peptide as key mediator in heavy alcohol drinking

Alcohol is the most common addictive substance in the world. Every year in the U.S. excessive alcohol use costs $249 billion and causes approximately 88,000 deaths, as well as various chronic diseases and social issues. Alcohol ...


Study gauges support for restricting alcohol in kids' films

Alcohol exposure is common in popular films and research has demonstrated a link between alcohol exposure and use. Currently, only alcohol marketing in films is regulated—but not alcohol exposure, such as seeing an alcoholic ...

Psychology & Psychiatry

Understanding drinking behaviors in young Australian adults

Young Australian adults aged 18–24 years are more likely to binge drink than any other age group prompting a team of Griffith University researchers to take a different approach to better understand why this is the case.


Alcohol in social media linked to problem drinking

A University of Queensland study published in Addiction highlights a direct link between young people's exposure to alcohol-related social media content and problem drinking.

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