Consumer Health: Questions about breastfeeding

The American Academy of Pediatrics has affirmed its recommendation and advocacy for breastfeeding, stating, "Research has shown that breastfeeding is linked to decreased rates of lower respiratory tract infections, severe ...


Does my child need ear tubes?

Middle ear infections are caused by bacteria or a virus that infects fluid that has builds up in the middle ear. These infections often happen when a child has a cold, allergy or upper respiratory illness. Ear infections ...

Diseases, Conditions, Syndromes

Understanding ear infections

My 4-year-old daughter already has had three ear infections this winter. When she isn't feeling well, our entire family is miserable. The pediatrician says she may continue to get more infections and it is just her body. ...


How unhealthy are cigars?

Cigars are linked with victory, new babies and Winston Churchill, not nicotine addiction, but are they any better for your health than cigarettes?


Antibiotic shortage is a problem, but not because of the flu

Throughout the past few weeks we have seen several headlines about the impact of the antibiotic shortage on flu and RSV treatments. Stories like these bring light to an important topic facing our medical community: the shortage ...

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