Lack of awareness of the sensitivity of DNA data

In both ethical and scientific respects, Roma population groups are treated inappropriately in DNA databases and in genetic studies—potentially with consequences for investigations that draw on forensic genetic databases: ...


Quarter of partially-sighted have unmet needs

Almost a quarter of people with severe sight loss in the UK are going without the treatment they need, according to a new study being presented at the World Congress on Public Health today.

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Czech Republic tops record infection surge in Eastern Europe

The Czech government announced further restrictions Thursday to contain the pandemic in the hardest hit-country in struggling Central and Eastern Europe, where a record surge of infections was also recorded in most other ...

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Rise in German virus infections spurs concern

Germany's coronavirus spread appears to be picking up speed again, official data showed Sunday, just days after Chancellor Angela Merkel said the country could gradually return to normal.

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Invest now to fight next pandemic, says WHO

The World Health Organization on Wednesday urged countries to invest in getting their healthcare systems fit to fight the next pandemic rather than scrambling around in panic when it hits.

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Virus will be with us for a long time: WHO

COVID-19 will stalk the planet for a long time to come, the World Health Organization said Wednesday, warning that most countries were still in the early stages of tackling the pandemic.

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