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Malaysia imposes near-total lockdown after virus cases soar

Malaysia's prime minister announced on Friday a near-total coronavirus lockdown in the country, with social and economic activities to be halted for two weeks to contain a worsening outbreak.

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Mexico's Caribbean coast at "imminent risk" of lockdown

The governor of Mexico's resort-studded Caribbean coast said Thursday his state is at "imminent risk" of returning to lockdown as coronavirus cases there rose steadily.

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Global jabs pass half a billion as WHO seeks vaccines for poor nations

Health officials have rolled out more than 510 million coronavirus vaccine doses around the world, but with big gaps between countries the WHO on Friday appealed to richer nations to donate vaccines to help poorer ones start ...

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Outrunning dementia with physical activity

Regular exercise can improve brain function and may protect against dementia in middle-aged and older adults, with women benefitting almost twice as much as men, according to University of Queensland research.


China exported more than 220 billion masks in 2020: government

China exported more than 220 billion face masks last year, the commerce ministry said Friday, the equivalent of nearly 40 per person outside China as demand for protective gear skyrocketed during the coronavirus pandemic.

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India eases curbs further as COVID-19 cases tumble

India has further eased coronavirus restrictions, bucking the trend in many other countries as the huge Asian nation's infection and death numbers fall sharply.


Losing money causes plastic changes in the brain

Researchers at the HSE Institute for Cognitive Neuroscience have shown experimentally that economic activity can actively change the brain. Signals that predict regular financial losses evoke plastic changes in the cortex. ...

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