Oncology & Cancer

Multiethnic study informs cancer risk, diabetes reduction strategies

A possible key to high incidence of type-2 diabetes among Japanese Americans has been uncovered using data from the most ethnically diverse and longstanding study in the world, the University of Hawaiʻi Cancer Center's Multiethnic ...


National survey shows 13% of healthcare workers are vaccinated

A 50-year-old white male doctor in the Northeast, earning more than $200,000, is more than seven times likely to be vaccinated than a 45-year-old Black female nursing assistant in the South who earns less than $50,000, according ...


Are people who vote healthier than those who don't?

A new policy brief by the UCLA Center for Health Policy Research shows that California adults who in are good health with little psychological distress are more likely to consistently vote in local, state and national elections ...


Step forward for culturally inclusive foot health

A Deakin University researcher has undertaken world-leading research to understand and combat the prevalence of poor foot health in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.

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