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Abuse of the elderly in Norway is widespread

Abuse of older patients in nursing homes is common. In a new survey, around 60 percent of nursing home staff report that they have committed violence, abuse or neglect of the elderly. The NTNU report that has documented these ...


Hungarian capital offers tests amid vaccine efficacy worries

Hungary's capital city is offering free antibody testing to its elderly residents in a bid to ratchet up pressure on the government over concerns that certain vaccines don't provide adequate protection against the coronavirus.


Covid jabs at the ends of the earth

Nearly one billion COVID jabs have now been administered worldwide but reaching people in all four corners of the planet is an unprecedented logistical challenge.

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Japan declares virus emergency three months before Olympics

Japan announced a new virus state of emergency in Tokyo and three other regions on Friday, as the country battles surging infections just three months before the Olympic opening ceremony.


UK hits COVID vaccination 'landmark' in care homes

All elderly people living in English care homes who are eligible for the coronavirus vaccine have now been offered their first injection, the National Health Service (NHS) announced on Monday.


Spanish judge orders elderly woman to get virus jab

A Spanish judge has ordered a resident of a retirement home to be vaccinated against the new coronavirus despite her daughter's objections, according to a court ruling made public Wednesday.


Spain receives first COVID vaccine doses

Spain received its first doses of the Pfizer-BioNTech coronavirus vaccine on Saturday, a day before the country is set to begin its immunisation campaign.

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