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'Far from over': WHO's Van Kerkhove in eye of virus storm

It was Christmastime and the whole family was gathered together, but Maria Van Kerkhove was distracted: she had just received an email alert about mysterious pneumonia cases in China.

Diseases, Conditions, Syndromes

WHO convenes emergency meeting after Ebola spreads to Uganda

The World Health Organization said Wednesday that a key emergency committee would meet following confirmation that an Ebola outbreak in Democratic Republic of Congo had spread to neighbouring Uganda.


Medical emergency trial shows value of live video streaming

Using live video streaming from the scene of accidents and medical emergencies to the dispatch team of a Helicopter Emergency Medical Service (HEMS) has public support and the potential to be rolled out across the UK's ambulance ...


Opioid crisis brings concerns about heart dangers

Dan Willard doesn't remember a thing from those fateful 48 hours. Not what happened to the 32 pills of prescribed painkiller—nor how his daughter dragged his body from the chair to the floor so she could follow the emergency ...


Study of returns to the ER suggests lack of follow-up care

No one wants to make a repeat visit to the emergency room for the same complaint, but new research suggests it's more common than previously thought and surprisingly, people frequently wind up at a different ER the second ...


Deaths triple from synthetic marijuana in US

Deaths from using synthetic marijuana, or spice, have tripled so far this year and the number of emergency calls to US poison centers have soared, officials said Thursday.

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