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Eating disorders cost billions in the U.S.

(HealthDay)—Eating disorders—such as anorexia nervosa, bulimia and binge-eating disorder—cost the U.S. economy nearly $65 billion in one recent year, a new report shows.


1 in 3 children poisoned by lead, UN warns

Up to 800 million children around the world are being poisoned by lead from water and air pollution, the United Nations warned Thursday in a special report on the "massive and previously unknown" health crisis.


Johnson and Johnson cuts price of anti-TB tablets

US pharmaceutical giant Johnson and Johnson announced Monday an immediate cut in the price of its tuberculosis treatment course—a move NGOs have long been calling for.

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Ireland places huge orders for virus test equipment

Ireland has placed huge orders for Covid-19 testing equipment and protective equipment for frontline healthcare workers, health officials said on Sunday.

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