Parkinson's & Movement disorders

Improving measurement of Parkinson's disease severity with AI

Despite recent advancements in the treatment of Parkinson's disease, it remains a challenge to accurately measure the progression of symptoms in this neurological disorder. While noticeable symptoms like tremors, stiffness ...

Psychology & Psychiatry

Acute sleep loss may alter the way we see others

A new study from Uppsala University shows that young adults when sleep-deprived evaluate angry faces as less trustworthy and healthy-looking. Furthermore, neutral and fearful faces appear less attractive following sleep loss. ...

Psychology & Psychiatry

'Smiling eyes' may not signify true happiness after all

A smile that lifts the cheeks and crinkles the eyes is thought by many to be truly genuine. But new research at Carnegie Mellon University casts doubt on whether this joyful facial expression necessarily tells others how ...

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