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Stemming the spread of misinformation on social media

The bad news, not that anyone needs more of it: The dangers of COVID-19 could worsen if misinformation on social media continues to spread unchecked. Essentially, what people choose to share on social media about the pandemic ...

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Disinformation on coronavirus 'massive' says report

From quack cures to smoking cigarettes to ward off COVID-19, disinformation circulating online about the coronavirus has been massive, a report by five European fact-checking organisations, including AFP, has found.

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Using cognitive psychology to fight COVID-19 misconceptions

There's the idea that cloth masks don't protect people from the coronavirus, so there's no point in wearing them (hint: They do). That COVID-19 is just like the flu (it's not). That it only affects old people (also no).

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Fake cures, risky rumours: virus misinformation hits home

From being duped into taking poisonous "cures", to watching businesses crumble and avoiding life-saving medication, people are suffering devastating real-world impacts of a deluge of online virus misinformation.

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Hungary seeks indefinite extension to state of emergency

The Hungarian government is seeking to extend indefinitely the state of emergency introduced on March 11 because of the coronavirus epidemic, leading some to fear an unjustified power grab and an erosion of press freedoms.

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