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Why historians ignored the Spanish flu

To judge by the popularity of films like World War Z, pandemics are in vogue and none more so than the Spanish influenza of 1918-19. To mark the centenary of the pandemic this autumn, the BBC has commissioned Spanish Flu: ...

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Spanish flu: more deadly than World War I

The Spanish flu outbreak 100 years ago is the modern world's deadliest epidemic, its toll of more than 50 million surpassing that of World War I.

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Here's why the 2017 flu season was so bad

Australia has recorded 221,853 flu infections so far in 2017, more than any other year. As the flu season comes to an end, we're beginning to understand why it was so bad. And it wasn't because of increased, or more sensitive, ...


Smartphone survey to track flu in Western New York

When a flu epidemic hits a metropolitan area, it's helpful for public health officials to know how quickly the disease could spread and which residents may be most vulnerable to infection.

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The business cycle drives the spread of viral diseases

A study by Bocconi's Jérôme Adda shows that epidemics spread faster during economic booms because more people are traveling and finds that school shutdowns and transportation network closures are seldom efficient measures

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New analysis explores the geographical origins of the flu

A computer model developed by scientists at the University of Chicago shows that small increases in transmission rates of the seasonal influenza A virus (H3N2) can lead to rapid evolution of new strains that spread globally ...

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Two die of swine flu in Bosnia

Health authorities in Bosnia say two people have died of swine flu and another six are hospitalized.

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