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UK Cryptosporidium cases on the rise, investigations ongoing

A recent rapid communication report by the United Kingdom Health Security Agency, UK, draws attention to the unprecedented and ongoing increase in cryptosporidiosis cases in the UK. Currently, cases are at more than double ...


COVID vaccines are not in the food supply

Anti-vaccine advocates have for years used foreboding imagery of syringes to paint immunizations as dark and dangerous. But recent vaccine conspiracy theories are casting an air of fear around more mundane things—like cows ...

Diseases, Conditions, Syndromes

Mozambique cholera cases surge tenfold after cyclone

Cholera cases in Mozambique have increased tenfold to 28,000 since the start of February, UNICEF said Tuesday, as the country reels from the impact of cyclone Freddy.

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Human milk is essential, yet scientists know little about it

It is one of the few foods that nearly everyone on the planet has consumed at some point. It's linked to a host of health benefits, from reducing the risk of asthma and Type 1 diabetes to fighting off infections.

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