China joins COVAX coronavirus vaccine alliance

China, which has at least four coronavirus vaccine candidates in the last stage of clinical trials, said Friday it is joining an international initiative to distribute COVID-19 vaccines to countries worldwide known as COVAX, ...

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Germany extends virus travel warning for beyond EU

The German government said Wednesday it was extending a travel warning for countries outside the European Union until September 14 over ongoing concerns linked to the coronavirus pandemic.

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Virus-linked border moves raise fears on free travel in EU

As European countries struggle to manage spikes in coronavirus cases, concern is mounting about a "second wave" of uncoordinated border restrictions within Europe that threatens the free movement of goods and peopleā€”a foundation ...

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China, WHO in talks on plans to trace coronavirus origin

China and the World Health Organization are discussing plans to trace the origin of the coronavirus outbreak following a visit to the country by two experts from the U.N. agency, the foreign ministry said Tuesday.

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Tunisia launches virus-tracking app

Tunisia on Tuesday launched a contact-tracing mobile phone app that identifies and alerts users who may have had contact with others infected with the new coronavirus.

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Treading fine line, France is latest to unveil lockdown exit

France said on Tuesday that shops, markets and some schools could reopen next month, the latest country to ease coronavirus restrictions as nations tread a fine line between allowing stalled economies to recover while staving ...

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