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Super spreader: A funeral, a birthday party and a trail of death

Back in late February, when the US thought it had sealed itself off from the coronavirus, a Chicago resident with mild respiratory symptoms went to pay his respects at a funeral as a friend of the family.

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Anguish as Europe learns to cope with new way of death

Families forced to stay away from their loved ones' funerals, mourners fined for following a hearse, and undertakers setting up live links to burials because no one is allowed at the graveside.


Organ donation clubs aren't the solution to transplant shortages

Anyone in the UK, of any age, can sign the Organ Donor Register, and give permission for their organs and tissue to be donated after death. How you register your wishes depends on where you live: in Northern Ireland and England, ...

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Sierra Leone marks grim Ebola anniversary

On May 24 last year a pregnant woman and an older housewife staggered into Kenema hospital in eastern Sierra Leone and were diagnosed within a day as the country's first Ebola cases.

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