What's riskier for young soccer players, practice or game time?

For young soccer players, participating in repetitive technical training activities involving heading during practice may result in more total head impacts but playing in scrimmages or actual soccer games may result in greater ...


Detecting carpal tunnel syndrome with a smartphone game

A Japanese research group combined motion analysis that uses smartphone application and machine learning that uses an anomaly detection method, thereby developing a technique to easily screen for carpal tunnel syndrome. Carpal ...


Exercise caution after working out in virtual reality

Virtual 'exergaming' has become a popular way to exercise—especially among younger people—since the release of virtual reality (VR) fitness games on consoles such as Nintendo and Playstation.


Neuroscientists tap gamers to learn how people problem-solve

Fans of Candy Crush Saga, Flow Free or Minesweeper should check out a challenging new mobile game app, hexxed, that will stretch your brain as it helps brain researchers understand human strategic thinking and perhaps improve ...

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