Oncology & Cancer

New evidence shows cancer is not as heritable as once thought

While cancer is a genetic disease, the genetic component is just one piece of the puzzle—and researchers need to consider environmental and metabolic factors as well, according to a research review by a leading expert at ...

Psychology & Psychiatry

How do you find emotional equilibrium during a pandemic?

Over the last two years, many of us have faced major life changes, personal loss and seemingly constant stress. What can we do to remain resilient? How do we help our households find their equilibrium? In this post, we focus ...


Love of nature is partially heritable, study of twins shows

A person's appreciation of nature and their tendency to visit natural spaces are heritable characteristics, according to a large-scale study of UK twins led by Chia-chen Chang at the National University of Singapore, publishing ...

Medical research

New map reveals genes that control the skeleton

Research led by the Garvan Institute of Medical Research has for the first time mapped the unique genetic profile of the skeleton's 'master regulator' cells, known as osteocytes.


New genetic links found to rare eye disease

An analysis of thousands of genomes from people with and without the rare eye disease known as MacTel has turned up more than a dozen gene variants that are likely causing the condition to develop and worsen for a significant ...


Race, medicine and the future power of genetic ancestry

Writing in the New England Journal of Medicine that they "do not believe that ignoring race will reduce health disparities" but rather that "such an approach is a form of naive 'color blindness' that is more likely to perpetuate ...

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