Psychology & Psychiatry

SSRIs and CBT lead to changes in brain

Neurochemical changes in the brain differ among patients with social anxiety treated using both SSRIs and CBT, compared to those treated using only CBT. While the combined treatment involving the medicine blocked the serotonin ...

Psychology & Psychiatry

The science of a wandering mind

When psychologist Jonathan Smallwood set out to study mind-wandering about 25 years ago, few of his peers thought that was a very good idea. How could one hope to investigate these spontaneous and unpredictable thoughts that ...


Explaining exertional compartment syndrome

Exertional compartment syndrome is a medical condition that generally affects runners and people involved in jumping and impact sports. Symptoms may include pain, tightness, and weakness in the lower extremities. For some, ...


New study focuses on improving cognitive symptoms of lupus

A National Jewish Health led study recently published in Lupus finds that technology using video game-based cognitive therapy improves attention and executive functioning in patients with systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE).

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