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Guinea declares end of Marburg virus outbreak: WHO

Guinea has declared the end of an outbreak of the Marburg virus, which belongs to the same family as Ebola, the World Health Organization said Thursday.


Thailand takes kratom off illegal drug list

Thailand on Tuesday decriminalised kratom, a tropical leaf long used as a herbal remedy but which some health regulators around the world have criticised as potentially unsafe.

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WHO says 49 Ebola contact cases identified in I. Coast

Forty-nine individuals have been identified who were in contact with a young Guinean woman who tested positive for the Ebola virus in Ivory Coast's biggest city Abidjan, the UN health agency said Thursday.

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Suspected second case of Ebola in Ivory Coast

The UN health agency said Tuesday that a second suspected case of infection by the deadly Ebola virus had been detected in Ivory Coast.

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Guinea reports West Africa's first known Marburg virus death

Authorities in West Africa have confirmed the region's first known case of Marburg virus after at least one person in Guinea died of the hemorrhagic fever disease, the World Health Organization said Monday.

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