Antibiotics disrupt development of the 'social brain' in mice

Antibiotic treatment in early life impedes brain signalling pathways that function in social behaviour and pain regulation in mice, a new study by Dr. Katerina Johnson and Dr. Philip Burnet has found. It was published today ...


New role for white blood cells in the developing brain

Whether white blood cells can be found in the brain has been controversial, and what they might be doing used to be a complete mystery. In a seminal study published in Cell, an international team of scientists led by Prof. ...

Medical research

Gut Piezo1 regulates gut and bone homeostasis via RNA sensing

Gut enterochromaffin cells regulate gut and bone homeostasis via serotonin production. A recent report suggested that gut microbes regulate serotonin levels, but the underlying molecular mechanisms are unexplored. Here, Piezo1 ...

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