Harvard Medical School

Coordinates: 42°20′09″N 71°06′18″W / 42.335743°N -71.105138°E / 42.335743; -71.105138

Harvard Medical School (HMS) is one of the graduate schools of Harvard University. It is currently ranked first among American research medical schools by U.S. News and World Report.

Located in the Longwood Medical Area of the Mission Hill neighborhood of Boston, Massachusetts, H.M.S. is home (as of Fall 2006) to 616 students in the M.D. program, 435 in the Ph.D. program, and 155 in the M.D.-Ph.D program. HMS' M.D.-Ph.D program allows a student to receive an M.D. from HMS and a Ph.D from either Harvard or the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (see Medical Scientist Training Program).

The school has a large and distinguished faculty to support its missions of education, research, and clinical care. These faculty hold appointments in the basic science departments on the HMS Quadrangle, and in the clinical departments located in multiple Harvard-affiliated hospitals and institutions in Boston. There are approximately 2,900 full- and part-time voting faculty members consisting of assistant, associate, and full professors, and over 5,000 full or part-time non-voting instructors.

Prospective students apply to one of two tracks to the M.D. degree. New Pathway, the larger of the two programs, emphasizes problem-based learning. HST, operated by the Harvard-MIT Division of Health Sciences and Technology, emphasizes medical research.

The current dean of the medical school is Dr. Jeffrey S. Flier, a endocrinologist and the former Chief Academic Officer of the Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center.

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