Diseases, Conditions, Syndromes

Examining the acute problem of chronic disease

In medicine and science, the term "pathogenesis" describes the origin and development of disease. There is not, however, a broadly accepted term to describe the other half of the equation: the process of healing and recovery.


Xylazine: The new overdose crisis

When she entered Cooper University Hospital's outpatient clinic in Camden, New Jersey, in October 2021, Ashley (last name withheld due to privacy concerns) could barely walk.

Biomedical technology

'Smart' bandages monitor wounds and provide targeted treatment

Most of the time, when someone gets a cut, scrape, burn or other wound, the body takes care of itself and heals on its own. But this is not always the case. Diabetes can interfere with the healing process and create wounds ...

Medical research

How gut microbes help mend damaged muscles

The human immune system is incredibly versatile. Among its most skilled multitaskers are T cells, known for their role in everything from fighting infection to reining in inflammation to killing nascent tumors.

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