5 reasons why health care bill would fail, 3 why it may not

There are many reasons why the Senate will probably reject Republicans' crowning bill razing much of former President Barack Obama's health care law. There are fewer why Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell might revive ...


High-risk pools may represent step back for U.S. health care

(HealthDay)—Proposed legislation as part of the American Health Care Act, which includes the option of high-risk pools, is not likely to reduce costs, according to an Ideas and Opinions piece published online May 23 in ...


Senate votes to move bill speeding federal drug OKs

The Senate moved Monday toward removing the last hurdles to legislation bolstering disease research and simplifying the government's pathway for pharmaceutical and medical device approvals as a Congress marked by frequent ...


Insurance rates going up: New concerns for Obamacare

Fresh problems for "Obamacare": The largest health insurer in Texas wants to raise its rates on individual policies by an average of nearly 60 percent, a new sign that President Barack Obama's overhaul hasn't solved the problem ...


Possibility for health care legislation changes in 2016

(HealthDay)—Given the current political climate and issues of bipartisan concern, 2016 could see certain changes to health care legislation, according to a report published in Medical Economics.


Medicare's end-of-life counseling policy may find acceptance

Six years ago, a proposal for Medicare to cover end-of-life counseling touched off a political uproar that threatened to stall President Barack Obama's health care law in Congress. Wednesday, when Medicare finally announced ...

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