Medical economics

EHR usability issues linked to nurse burnout and patient outcomes

Nurses and other clinicians rely heavily upon the electronic health record (EHR) to provide patient care. This includes clinical decision-making, care planning, patient surveillance, medication ordering and administration, ...

Psychology & Psychiatry

Care home study highlights COVID's mental toll

Being unable to see and touch loved ones during the pandemic has triggered a range of negative emotions among study participants, researchers say.


Envisioning the future of quality, safe health care

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced the world to rethink standard medical practices to ensure patients are getting the best care. In a new commentary published in the Journal of Nursing Research, GW School of Nursing professor ...

Psychology & Psychiatry

Lessons from Katrina on how pandemic may affect kids

Hurricane Katrina caused widespread destruction and more than 1,800 deaths in 2005, much of it in New Orleans. Though a tragedy, psychologists recognized the storm and its aftermath provided an opportunity to better understand ...

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