Diseases, Conditions, Syndromes

I still have COVID-19 symptoms. Am I contagious?

With new information about the coronavirus coming out every week, it can be hard to keep track of the details you need to keep your family safe.

Diseases, Conditions, Syndromes

What coronavirus does to the lungs

Like other respiratory illnesses, COVID-19, the disease caused by the new coronavirus, can cause lasting lung damage. As we continue to learn about COVID-19, we're understanding more regarding how it affects the lungs while ...

Overweight & Obesity

Fat people do not need your concerns about their health

Gravely misinformed ideas about health, beauty and body image still dominate, as derogatory reactions to plus size model Tess Holliday's October Cosmopolitan UK magazine cover prove. TV presenter Piers Morgan, for example, ...

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