Oncology & Cancer

Skin cancer survivors: How to stay safe in the sunshine

For many people, playing and relaxing in the sun is fun. But for skin cancer survivors, the sun can be a source of fear and anxiety. That's because sun exposure is one of the most significant risk factors for developing skin ...

Psychology & Psychiatry

How and when do athletes seek mental health support?

Athletes' experience of using mental health support—and their attitudes towards these services—could be better understood with a more robust approach to research.


Gun injuries in US surged during pandemic, CDC study shows

For every American killed by gunfire, an estimated two or more more survive, often with terrible injuries—a fact that public health experts say is crucial to understanding the full impact of guns on society.

Medical economics

Vaccine gap 'fueling Nigeria's diphtheria outbreak'

Low vaccine coverage and weak infrastructure have fueled a recurrence of diphtheria in Nigeria, especially in rural areas beset by poor access to healthcare services, public health experts say.

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