Health informatics

AI medical coding research adds to big picture

Much like the game of connect the dots, Megan McDougal's academic and professional career share points that have come together to form one big picture.

Health informatics

Guiding principles to address bias in health care algorithms

A paper published in JAMA Network Open addresses bias in health care algorithms and provides the health care community with guiding principles to avoid repeating errors that have tainted the use of algorithms in other sectors.

Psychology & Psychiatry

Refugee centers benefit asylum seekers' mental health, study finds

Sheltering in refugee centers can positively impact asylum seekers' mental health, according to a new study published in Communications Medicine, underscoring the benefits of providing migrants safe and welcoming transitional ...

Radiology & Imaging

Using holograms of embryos to improve IVF success

In a world-first, 3D holographic images of an embryo have been developed as part of a collaborative research project between the University of Adelaide and University of St Andrews. The images are created using miniscule ...

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