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Germany OKs more COVID-19 vaccine spending for this fall

Germany plans to spend another 830 million euros ($872 million) to buy new coronavirus vaccines that will allow the country to deal with a series of possible variants this fall, the health minister said Wednesday.

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Pakistan reports first polio case in 15 months

Pakistan's prime minister said Saturday he will chair an emergency meeting of a national task force for polio eradication after authorities detected the country's first case of the debilitating neurodegenerative disease in ...

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Taiwan to move away from zero-COVID strategy: minister

Taiwan will move away from a zero-COVID policy and instead focus on tackling the most severe infections in an effort to live with the coronavirus, its health minister said Thursday.

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German lawmakers reject mandatory COVID shots for over 60s

German lawmakers on Thursday rejected a bill requiring all people 60 and over in the country to be vaccinated against coronavirus—a compromise solution the government had hoped would get a parliamentary majority.

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Spain looks to lift mask requirement in most indoor spaces

Spain's health minister wants to lift face mask requirements for indoor spaces except public transportation and medical centers after Easter Week, when many residents travel and see their families.


EU ministers seek unity on fourth COVID shot

EU health ministers on Tuesday said they wanted to better coordinate scattered national policies on giving out fourth doses of the COVID vaccine and asked the Brussels executive to come up with a plan next week.

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German health minister: no 'freedom day' from COVID yet

Germany's health minister said Friday that it's too soon to declare a 'freedom day' from COVID-19 as the virus continues to run rampant, claiming hundreds of lives each day.

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German health minister still sees 'critical' COVID situation

Germany's health minister pleaded with his compatriots Friday not to assume that the coronavirus pandemic is over as the country sees a steady rise in new cases, warning that it is still in a "critical" situation.

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