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Can T'ai Chi alleviate chronic low back pain in older adults?

A new study evaluated the feasibility and acceptability of using T'ai Chi to improve chronic low back pain in adults over 65 years of age compared to health education and usual care. The results of this randomized controlled ...


Being an African American 'superwoman' might come with a price

The image of the strong African American woman—resilient, driven to succeed, devoted to those around her—is rooted in generations of history. Many women see it as a proud legacy that helps shield them from the insults ...


Risk of heart disease later in life for premature babies

A new study led by researchers from the Royal Women's Hospital shows that young adults born extremely premature are susceptible to high blood pressure, putting them at higher risk of heart disease in later life.


From 'bench-to-bedside' and more: Medical buzzwords decoded

A few short weeks ago, the word "coronavirus" probably meant little, if anything, to most people. (Human coronaviruses were first identified in the 1960s and, while they vary in severity, all have the ability to cause respiratory ...

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