Threats to public health workers

While doctors and nurses were hailed as the frontline heroes of the COVID-19 pandemic, their counterparts in public health were experiencing threats. During the pandemic, threats against public health workers reached an all-time ...

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Q&A: Expert discusses prevalence of hepatitis C in US state prisons

The World Health Organization has a goal to eliminate hepatitis C as a public health threat by 2030. The blood-borne virus affects more than 2 million people in the United States and killed more than 15,700 people nationwide ...

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Q&A: How we can protect our health this fall virus season

The fall season means an increased risk of respiratory illness as we spend more time indoors with groups of family and friends. We can help protect ourselves and others by getting the flu vaccine and a booster shot for COVID-19 ...

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COVID still a threat, EU watchdog warns

COVID-19 remains a threat even though it is no longer a global health emergency, the EU's vaccines watchdog warned on Tuesday in its final briefing of the pandemic.

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