What medications are safe for cases of COVID-19?

There is plenty of information floating around the Internet about what medications may or may not be useful to treat symptoms of COVID-19. In this ever-evolving situation, it's important to stay updated with information from ...

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Spain virus toll passes 4,000 but death rate slows

Spain's coronavirus toll surged above 4,000 Thursday but the increase in both fatalities and infections slowed, raising hopes that a drastic lockdown was starting to curb the epidemic's spread.

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Prince Charles tests positive for coronavirus

Prince Charles, the eldest son and heir to Queen Elizabeth II, is showing mild symptoms of the new coronavirus and is self-isolating in Scotland, his office said on Wednesday, as Prime Minister Boris Johnson praised the country's ...

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Coronavirus testing to start within days in NW Syria: WHO

Testing for the novel coronavirus is to start within days in northwest Syria, the World Health Organisation said Monday, amid fears of a disaster if the pandemic reached overcrowded displacement camps.

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