Attention deficit disorders

School support for ADHD children may be missing the mark

New research from the University of Montreal shows that inattention, rather than hyperactivity, is the most important indicator when it comes to finishing a high school education. "Children with attention problems need preventative ...

Psychology & Psychiatry

South Africa's reading crisis is a cognitive catastrophe

When the late Black Consciousness leader Steve Biko published his seminal book, "I write what I like", in 1978 it wasn't about individual self-expression or even self-indulgence. It was a political statement with its origins ...

Psychology & Psychiatry

Speech-language pathologists can help kids who struggle to read

Educators call it the fourth-grade slump: a time when some children, faced with increasingly complex schoolwork, start to lose interest in reading. Yet classroom teachers may not employ the strategies that can get these students ...

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