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Overeating during the holidays is bad for your kidneys

Given all of the delicious foods that are served during holiday meals, many people find it hard to resist eating more than they usually would. But what you may not think about is what all of that extra food is doing to your ...

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Smoking and Drinking Linked to Bowel Cancer: Know Your Risks

(PhysOrg.com) -- Besides delectable dishes that help us pack on the pounds during the holiday season, many people also let loose with a bottle of wine or a pack of cigarettes. Richard Rood, MD, says moderation is the key, ...


Don't Blame Tryptophan for Thanksgiving Snooze

(PhysOrg.com) -- Blame it on the heavy meal, the alcohol, or simply the opportunity afforded by a free afternoon on a traditional holiday. Just don't blame it on the tryptophan, say experts at the University of Cincinnati.

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The Thought Is What Counts

Holiday gift givers who expect to be appreciated for choosing the most expensive gifts are likely to be disappointed when their presents are unwrapped. Cost has little impact on how much we value the gifts we receive, according ...


Expert offers tips on how to manage diabetes during the holidays

For many people, November serves as the beginning of the holiday season and with it comes lots of good food, from turkey to pies. However, November also is Diabetes Awareness Month, and one Baylor College of Medicine expert ...


What's the best hangover cure? Truth be told, there isn't one

(PhysOrg.com) -- With the holiday party season at hand, UNC's Dr. James C. Garbutt offers these tips about how to enjoy a few drinks responsibly -- while sparing yourself and those around you from the potentially disastrous ...


Thousands of children suffer eye injuries from toys

Too many eye injuries happen to children around the holidays due to unsafe use of toys but the vast majority of these injuries can be prevented. December is Safe Toys and Celebrations Month and the American Academy of Ophthalmology ...

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A Holiday is a day designated as having special significance for which individuals, a government, or a religious group have deemed that observation is warranted. It is generally an official (more common) or unofficial observance of religious, national, or cultural significance, often accompanied by celebrations or festivities.

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