UK expands virus vaccination campaign to over-70s

Britain on Monday extended its coronavirus vaccination campaign to people over the age of 70, as new, tougher restrictions for all arrivals to the country came into force.

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California turns stadiums into COVID-19 vaccination centers

California is transforming baseball stadiums, fairgrounds and even a Disneyland Resort parking lot into mass vaccination sites as the coronavirus surge overwhelms hospitals and sets a deadly new record in the state.

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UK vows 'sprint' to vaccine finishing line

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson on Wednesday said the coronavirus marathon had turned into a hopeful sprint to vaccinate millions in the weeks ahead but justified another lockdown to relieve crisis-hit hospitals.

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Virus variant blamed for spiralling infection rates

The British capital is to be hit with tougher coronavirus control measures, the government said on Monday, blaming spiralling infection rates on the rapid spread of a new variant.

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