Popular teenagers sleep less than their peers, study finds

Due to a later melatonin onset and increased alertness in the evening, teenagers often find it hard to fall asleep at a time that would allow them to clock up the recommended eight to ten hours of sleep each night.

Psychology & Psychiatry

Can your smartwatch improve treatment for depression?

The same smartwatch that counts your steps and hours of sleep can also offer mental health clinicians valuable information about depression symptoms, a Northeastern expert says in an article published in the New England Journal ...


Video: What to do for a healthier heart

Heart disease is the leading cause of death in the U.S., according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Heart disease refers to a range of conditions, of which many can be prevented or treated by making healthy ...

Sleep disorders

Sleep your way to better athletic performance

Sleep might not be at the top of the list when you think about ways to boost your athletic performance. But it's just as important as your training program, nutrition and hydration.


Waking up to your phone alarm could be putting you at risk

Your morning alarm clock might not just be annoying. It could be raising your blood pressure, putting you at greater risk for adverse cardiovascular events, such as stroke and heart attack, according to new research from ...

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