Diseases, Conditions, Syndromes

Stark disparities in New York City's virus toll

The coronavirus has cut an unequal path of grief through New York City, hitting hardest in a ring of predominantly poorer, nonwhite neighborhoods a long subway and bus ride from Manhattan, according to data released by the ...

Psychology & Psychiatry

Negative mood signals body's immune response

Negative mood—such as sadness and anger—is associated with higher levels of inflammation and may be a signal of poor health, according to researchers at Penn State.

Overweight & Obesity

New York's poor get urban farm in bid to fight obesity

New York unveiled a giant vegetable garden Wednesday in the Brooklyn borough's largest public housing development, in a bid to fight a growing obesity epidemic among the poor.


Good design improves health by fostering physical activity

Active Design: Affordable Designs for Affordable Housing is a new report that builds on the Active Design Guidelines published by New York City in 2010. The report examines strategies and costs for incorporating active design ...

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