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Researchers map Zika's routes to the developing fetus

Zika virus can infect numerous cell types in the human placenta and amniotic sac, according to researchers at UC San Francisco and UC Berkeley who show in a new paper how the virus travels from a pregnant woman to her fetus. ...

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Trophoblasts unlikely placental entry point for Zika

Two unrelated studies on the Zika virus—one ruling out a theory for how Zika may be passing through the human placenta and another on using mouse models to trace Zika pathogenesis—appear April 5 in Cell Host & Microbe.

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Placenta's oxygen tanks for early embryos revealed

A new role for the placenta has been revealed by University of Manchester scientists who have identified sites which store, and gradually release, oxygen for newly formed embryos in the weeks after the baby's heart is developed.

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