Researchers develop biometric tool for newborn fingerprinting

Researchers at the University of California San Diego say they have dramatically advanced the science of biometric identification, creating a novel technology that can capture the fingerprints of infants and children, even ...


Hospitals gear up for new diagnosis: Human trafficking

The woman arrived at the emergency department at Huntington Hospital on New York's Long Island after she was hit by her boyfriend during an argument. Her situation raised concerns among the medical staff, which had recently ...

Psychology & Psychiatry

Mental health treatment for victims of human trafficking

Cognitive therapies should be considered when addressing the harmful psychological consequences of trauma in victims of human trafficking, according to a review and recommendations in the Journal of Psychiatric Practice.


Evangelical women are shaping public attitudes about sex work

Evangelical speaker and activist Christine Caine wants you to know: "Slavery still exists." Her organization A-21, which aims to abolish "injustice in the 21st century," says human trafficking affects 27 million people each ...


Recommendations developed for addressing child trafficking

(HealthDay)—In a policy statement published online Nov. 27 in Pediatrics, recommendations are presented for health care professionals to help prevent child trafficking, recognize victims, and intervene appropriately.


Nurses play crucial role in identifying victims of trafficking

(HealthDay)—Recommendations have been developed for emergency nurses in terms of recognizing and responding to the needs of victims of human trafficking; the position statement was published in the March issue of the Journal ...

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