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COVID-19 and hurricane season could be deadly mix

(HealthDay)—A hurricane is bearing down on your coastal community, bringing with it deadly storm surge flooding and airborne debris propelled by high winds.


Pandemic could complicate hurricane season

(HealthDay)—As Hurricane Isaias moved toward the east coast of Florida on Friday, one expert warns that the coronavirus pandemic could make preparing for an active hurricane season even more challenging.

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Advice for displaced persons during the holiday season

The holiday season is a time to give back, and that is especially important to remember this year due to the impacts of Hurricane Harvey. Although many people are back in their homes, others are still displaced. One Baylor ...

Diseases, Conditions, Syndromes

Fighting cholera by predicting how it spreads

In October, EPFL and Médecins Sans Frontières joined forces in an unprecedented effort to predict how the cholera epidemic in Haiti will spread. Their projections are now used by organizations battling the epidemic on the ...

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Hurricane season

Hurricane season refers to a period in a year when hurricanes usually form. For more information see: Tropical cyclone#Times.

For a lists of past seasons, see:

"Hurricane season" is also commonly but incorrectly used to describe typhoon or cyclone seasons in basins that do not refer to tropical cyclones as hurricanes. In this sense, it may refer to:

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