Endocrinology & Metabolism

How high altitude changes your body's metabolism

Compared to those of us who live at sea level, the 2 million people worldwide who live above 4,500 meters (or 14,764 feet) of elevation—about the height of Mount Rainier, Mount Whitney, and many Colorado and Alaska peaks—have ...

Medical research

How oxygen deprivation causes cancer cells to spread

In breast cancer, metastasis rather than the primary tumor is the cause of death. A lack of oxygen in the tumor cells promotes this metastasis, accompanied by a reprogramming of the cell's metabolism. Ph.D. candidate Qiuyu ...

Medical research

Stopping lung damage before it turns deadly

If you've ever struggled to breathe, you've had a moment of hypoxia—a lack of oxygen. Hypoxia can have long-term effects. In fact, doctors describe hypoxia as an "initial insult."

Oncology & Cancer

Finding new ways to image cancer

Cancer cells can become resistant to treatment—it is one of the main reasons treatments, which were successful to start, can then begin to fail. There are different reasons this can happen and Professor James O'Connor, ...

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