Psychology & Psychiatry

The case for continuing to write by hand

At the beginning of 1882, the philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche received a machine called the "Malling-Hansen Writing Ball," a nifty little gadget covered with keys. The thinker's eyesight had been getting worse, to the point ...

Psychology & Psychiatry

How our tastes influence our creativity

The more we like our ideas, the faster we give them shape. But to be creative, we need to focus on out-of-the-box thinking. This is what Alizée Lopez-Persem and Emmanuelle Volle, Inserm researchers at Paris Brain Institute, ...

Psychology & Psychiatry

Can highly superior autobiographic memory enhance creativity?

Researchers from universities in Italy and the U.S. studied the relationship between memory and creativity to assess whether those who remember the smallest details of their lives (highly superior autobiographical memory) ...

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