Psychology & Psychiatry

Hispanic children and exposure to adverse experiences

A new study of national survey information gathered on more than 12,000 Hispanic children from immigrant and U.S.-native families found that although they experience more poverty, those from immigrant families reported fewer ...


Docs: kids to suffer under Trump's tough immigration policies

(HealthDay)—U.S. pediatricians are taking President Donald Trump to task after he issued executive orders Wednesday that—the doctors said—will make the country a much less welcoming place for immigrant children.

Psychology & Psychiatry

Talking to your kids about election outcome

If adults are feeling anxious, depressed or angry about the presidential election results, their children might be feeling the same.


Immigrant kids' diet is different, less nutritious than mom's

The diet of Mexican immigrant children in the U.S. is different from what their mothers eat, according to Penn State sociologists, and that may mean kids are trading in the generally healthy diet of their moms for less nutritious ...

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