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Cancer trend analysis to assist prevention measures

The past century or so has seen unprecedented technological, scientific and sociological evolution worldwide. These have accompanied global shifts in people's lifestyles and rapid changes in the environment, both natural ...


Study finds fewer older people are having strokes

A new study has found that people age 70 and older are having fewer strokes, and fewer people of all ages are dying from the disease. The study, which examined the population of Denmark, is published in the February 10, 2021, ...

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German health minister hints at easing of virus curbs

German Health Minister Jens Spahn on Thursday suggested coronavirus restrictions could be lifted before spring, as case numbers in the country continued to edge downwards.

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Virus surge pushes Spain regions to tighten curbs

With daily coronavirus infections hitting a record high after the Christmas holidays, several Spanish regions moved Friday to further tighten restrictions on social life.

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German agency slams too many 'exceptions' to virus rules

Germany's Robert Koch Institute (RKI) health agency on Thursday called for stronger measures to bring down coronavirus infections, noting many people not doing enough to reduce social contacts.

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Spain hits two million virus cases

Spain's total number of coronavirus infections surged past two million on Thursday as cases jumped following the Christmas holidays, government figures showed on Thursday.

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Virus rages in German regions with far-right leanings

As Germany battles a second wave of COVID-19, a pattern has begun to emerge: Many of the hardest-hit places are those with strong support for the far right. Coincidence?

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